The DelMary Initiative

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Aloysius Salon I am happy to introduce The DelMary Initiative.

Inspired by two of the most incredible women I know, Mary-Ann and Dolorese, The DelMary Initiative will work to support various populations, causes, and needs within our community. That information will be shared through Aloysius Salon’s social media platforms (and hopefully shared again). The idea is to create a ripple effect of shared information generating support for those who need it. Here is a little bit about the women who inspire me every day.

Mary-Ann, my mom, is the most patient, compassionate, and generous person I know. She is an example of what happens when you treat people with empathy and without judgment. Giving comes naturally to her. My grandma Dolorese (Del) was an utterly unique soul. She was strong in everything she did and had the purist understanding of the importance of time. She never took it for granted and without hesitation spent as much time as she could with the people she loved most. She was kindhearted and her life was full. She used all of her time wisely.

I am fortunate to observe the extraordinary effect these two women have on those around them. In their ordinary lives their simple gestures have created ripples of kindness that I believe continue travel. I have witnessed firsthand what a simple act can do to another person. How a small gesture can change their course in a great way. My hope is that through The DelMary Initiative we can create a few ripples, continue the flow by giving support and generosity to each other.

Aloysius Salon - The DelMary Initiative from IRAYBS FILMS on Vimeo.